Top 9 Favorite Baseball Positions

Im going to go, 9 is my least favorite, 1 is my favorite

9. Left Field. I HATE Left field.

8. Right Field. Its ok. not really.

7.Center Field. My favorite outfield pos.

6.Pitcher. Im not that good at pitching.

5.Third base. I have a really good arm but it isnt really my favorite.

4.Second Base. Its fun but i like these next ones better.

3.ShortStop. I love play SS but this is where it stands for me.

2.first base. I just recently got a firsbaseman mitt and im starting love it more and more each day.

1.Catcher. My most favored position i love putting the armour and going out on the ‘battlefield’ is my favorite thing to do.

So that concludes my top 9 on favorite positions.


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